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Major business: Roller Idler Pulley Frame Conveyor (belt) and assembly line,We also supply rubberbelt splice service.We can design belt conveyor and supply belt conveyor drawing.Also we needused rubber belt and new rubber belt.

Dezhou yilun conveying  machinery Co., Ltd.


Dezhou YiLun Conveying Machinery Limited Company was found in May,2005It’s registered capital

is 11.68million CNY..It is private enterprise of stock-holding system.It is located in the economic and

technological development zone of  Ningjin town. We can produce Yilun Brand TD75,DTII,DTIIA

fixed belt conveyor, mobile lifting belt conveyor,environmental protection belt conveyor,sludge belt

conveyor,mine belt conveyor,farming belt conveyor,workshop line,large dip angle belt conveyor...

Also supply best price to our dealers and trading company.We have Export right. We have independent export authority. We Sell to the

Middle East, Africa, Australia and southeast Asia, Russia and other countries and regions.


The reason for the impact on the use performance of the conveyor belt idler is the internal structure of the idler
Brief overview of belt conveyor rollers
The three core factors of conveyor belt rollers
Conveyor roller deviation
Conveyor belt rollers play a key role in conveyor life
Conveyor belt roller planning main points

We have special belt conveyor designer team.We have been granted Industrial Production License,Mining Production License,and other Licenses,

Quality Certification,Trademark with reputation.Improve Yilun Brand.We supply our products to home and abroad machinery factories.



Dezhou yilun conveying machinery Co., Ltd. 

Add:No.6,Ningde Road,Ningjin Dezhou,Shandong Province,China